Friday, December 07, 2007

Island of Hydra #2 : Flora and Fauna

Hydra is famous for typical Flora and Fauna, main reason being the petroleum cars/bikes are not allowed in this ancient island, so they need to have some alternatives.

My most interesting capture was this white pigeon. The contrast against the deep blue Mediterranean attracted me and I took sometime to have a steady shot. We all know that pigeon is emblem of peace, and it might be good enough to serve the purpose of a vehicle, if Hydra was an island of lilliputian creatures of Gulliver travels. But fortunately the inhabitants are normal hardworking humans.

I captured some interesting flora (plants and trees) in this island, starting from sea-shore to the top of the mountains. The half-burnt flower trees in the seaside drew my attention, and again I used the blue background contrast, but no way better than the first one.

Then I came across many cats, dogs, small birds, fishes etc. Cats were fighting to each other but the most intriguing one was the Donkeys. They are mostly serve the vehicle purpose but not by drawing carts as carts are not preferred in rough hilly areas. Just ride them to roam around. I have seen young chaps, local heros were riding the oldest model of communication, keeping the latest mobile in there ear, the most innovative communication tool of this civilization. That was simply outstanding.

The following BW shot is little hazy, but still I like it as it resembles to the Arabian fairy tells (as if Alif Layla is passing through the lanes of Old Middle east civilization). The next one is also caught my eyes because of its Indian look. Hydra is full of flowers and the colorful island will keep me haunting for years.

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