Thursday, October 25, 2007

Weekend Photo Upload - a green poster

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Sunset in Corinth and Sunio - Greece

I was thinking what can be my last post from Greece. But when I was checking the photos of last two weeks I found couple of Sunsets in Corinth and Sunion, the perfect departing post from Greece. However I will continue posting old photos of Greece.

The first two photos are taken last weekend in Corinth and last two one week back in Sunion. Second and Forth one are original, but I wanted a Black & White and Zoomed view as well.

The name of the blog is slightly changed. I will not be regular next few weeks due to my migration to India. Have a nice weekend and Happy Durga Puja.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Recalling Santorini - Part III (Sea)

See always attracted me starting from my childhood. Indian Ocean and Bay-of-Bengal is very different from other seas. Sandy beaches, mild waves, wide sea shores delight me. But Mediterranean is something which is incomparable. The deep blue green colors, mild serene breeze and kaleidoscopic flora and fauna in the clean water mesmerize me every time.

kaleidoscopic flora and fauna in the clean water

Here I am sharing some of the views of sea I have captured in Santorini.
Santorini has a variety of beaches. One side of the island has cliff and typical beaches like red beach and white beach. Then couple of black beaches (some images in my past post). On the other side it has rocky sandy beaches.

Here I uploaded some pics for red beaches.

This is my last post on recalling Santorini, it was wonderful experience to visit that island and I will cherish my memories in future too.


I am leaving Greece on 17th Oct ’07 for good and will stay in India for next few months.Thanks for all your support and I am glad that you enjoyed the posts and pictures. This blog was started as a private blog almost a year ago (when I was the only reader). But slowly I started sharing it and got positive responses from my blog friends and I would like to continue the journey of this blog.

I thought to put “India” in front of my blog name. Any good suggestion will help me to make it better. Thanks and Have a nice weekend.

The view from the ship while leaving Santorini
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