Thursday, October 25, 2007

Weekend Photo Upload - a green poster

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GMG said...

Hey, great to see you back posting!
Nice collage!

Anonymous said...

lovely photos & the collage...Hope you had a nice time during the pujas..stay well!

Anonymous said...


Sigma said...

Lovely collage!!
The assortment of pictures is wonderful!

backpakker said...

hey ...lovely collage ..I liked the flowers very much and the views from the top..good to see you back again

Anonymous said...

very nice composition!!
nice body lol
love these sunflowers..

Pooja Aggarwal said...

Nice...I like the sunflowers

Pijush said...

Thanks very much. You are blogrolled.

Glad you liked it, thank you.

Yes I am not HOT, LOL.. Nice Body!! :-) The flowers are for you. Thanks

I am happy to know you like the assortment. Thanks

I am glad that you liked it. Thanks. Ya, the view from the top is one of my favorites.

Thanks for your comment. I want to blogroll you. Hope it is ok with you.

GMG said...

Hi Pijush,
Thanks for the link and for your visits and comments to Blogtrotter; your support is much appreciated.
I might be travelling back to Athens for a conference... Seems a Greek year for me!
Have a great weekend!

Rowdy said...

Cool concept and well executed. Green is always soothing