Thursday, November 08, 2007

Island of Hydra(Greece) #1

Hydra is a wonderful island in Greece. Colorful, vibrant, cheerful and the most importantly no petrol vehicle is allowed in this hilly island. They how the inhabitants commute? That I will explain in my next post. May be this is the reason my friends didn’t want to accompany me; the poor guy traveled alone in the ancient island of Greece.

Hydra Island - a panoramic view

So, I was alone in this tour and that’s the reason I enjoyed it most. Don’t take it otherwise, what I mean to say, I rambled freely, walked up the mountain, roamed around the harbor, gazed the beauties in small beaches. Oh! I am revealing everything :-)

Flying Dolphin approaching Hydra Port

Took a flying Dolphin from Piraeus (Port of Athens) and it took couple of hours to reach Hydra port. The boat was really flying (only couples of blades were in touch with the water). I was seating next to a middle aged German woman who was traveling with her cute boy. Have had a breakfast with fried feta cheese bread and Cappuccino and enjoyed the blue Mediterranean for the last time, as it was my last trip before I said goodbye to Greece.

Hydra has old culture and history. Everything is perfectly preserved in one museum which is worth visiting, its called "Historical Archives - Museum of Hydra" .

As of now I am posting few shots of some ancient churches. Greece is always considered as orthodox Christian country and Hydra is not exceptional in this context. Previously Christianity was a basic requirement to get Greek citizenship, but not now (though still one has to know basic Greek in order to get citizenship, EU wants flexibility in this one also).

This Church is up above the mountain, I walked to explore the panoramic view and found a wonderful church. In my next post I will write about the journey.

This one is a small church near the harbor.


Intern said...

beautiful photos. very impressive.

Anonymous said...

woow look like advertisement!
soo very professional :)
love clouds in the leftend photo.
the composition of rightend is super too!

Anonymous said...

WoW...some very beautifully captured shots with lovely compositions...I like the second & the last one the most!

Pijush said...

Welcome to my Blog. Your shots are really nice. I am glad you liked my one also.

Thanks for always liking my posts and pics. I am honored by your comments, but I am not professional, an armature photographer :-) Take care.

Yes 2nd and last one are my fav. Wise men think alike :-) Thanks for your comment. TK

Rowdy said...

Impressive photos

krystyna said...

Hi Pijush!
I had a gorgeous time being here.
THANKS for these beauty!
A lot of blessings to you and yours!

Pijush said...

Thanks Mate.

Thanks for your wish and I am glad as you liked it. God bless you too, have a nice vacation and come back soon.

Mridula said...

Beautiful pictures and by the way I have been to Piraeus! And yes, I came back from UK early this month.

GMG said...

Wonderful pictures! I was in Hydra in 1976 (some pictures in, and that was an incredible experience...
Thamnks for your comments on Blogtrotter!

Pijush said...

Welcome back to India :-) I am enjoying your UK Posts.
Nice to know that you have been to Piraeus, Thakns and TK

I have check your wonderful post, Hydra is just amazing. I will jot down some of my incredible experiences soon.
Thanks for your comment.

GMG said...

Pijush, look forward to reading those Hydra experiences...
Have a great weekend!

backpakker said...

lovely pics ..sorry havent visited this blog for a while ..

Sigma said...

oh wow! really beautiful photos!

Sigma said...

must have been sad to say goodbye, hmm?

Kusum said...

Hi Pijush, Good pics and good report. I hope tourists are not expected to know Greek in Greece :) I plan to visit Greece some time next year.

Pijush said...

I was not posting for last few days and thanks for your encouragement. Have to break the inertia and promise to post soon. Cheers.

Not a problem, I know we all are busy in many different things and I am happy you liked these pics. Stay well.

I am glad to know that you liked it, yes I was little nostalgic, but had to leave. Thanks for your comment. Keep smiling.

Yes you are right, I know only few words and obviously tourists need not have to know Greek. You can plan for Greece and if you need any more information, feel free to write me. Thanks for your comment and keep coming. Take care.

Susan said...

Lovely pictures! I wish I can go some day!

allan Gering said...

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