Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Before coming in Athens what I knew about Greece

What I Know about Greece ?

Let me jot down the points I know about Greece before coming here.

1. An ancient civilization was grown up here thousands of year back and its a old country with good culture.
2. Letters of Greek Language are used in physics - means it has a significant base of science

3. Olympic games started here in 1896 and last one was also held here in 2004

4. Alexander was a great fighter and was an emperor of a big kingdom

5. The Country is in the south of the Europe and surrounded by the sea, hot and beautiful tourist place

6. 2004 Euro Champion but failed to qualify in 2006 Football World Cup

7. Near to Middle East - means must be populated by people from different community

8. Iliad and Oddisi was written based on the historic movements and battles here

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