Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What Europeans think of India

Well, it’s almost two months here and in this month I have not been to many placed in Greece. Mainly work and life balance. While talking to some of my colleagues here, I tried to find out what they think about India and I was surprised to know some interesting points, especially Kama sutra. I had no idea that it could have been one of the major points that can come in one’s mind. If I have been asked to tell about India, I could have never told about this as it is quite common and trivial. But its not in deed and one can never know what people is going to like, what they are pondering or taking into consideration. Here is a small list; I have not given the names as some of my colleagues may not like it.

This concept came in my mind from one of my Bulgarian friend, who asked to guess me what he can think about India. I thought about the following ten points.

Huge population, Big Country
Ancient Civilization
IT and outsourcing
Religion and Secularism
Poverty and pollution
British Rule and Mahatma Gandhi
Himalayas, Thor Desert, River Ganges, Rain Forests, Wild life
Age old Temples and majestic sculptures
Kashmir and conflict with Pakistan
Cricket and Veda, Sanskrit language

But I was wrong. Totally wrong. We were in car with my Russian and Bulgarian Friend and both of them have told Kama sutra comes in their mind first while thinking about India. Then comes the Gandhi family and assassination of Rajeev Gandhi and Ancient Civilization. My Russian colleague told two different points. The river Ganges and burning dead bodies besides it, communicating through boat in the rivers and his wife thinks about the traditional dresses, Sharee and Bindis of Indian women.

After having this conversation, I though to discuss this topic with some other colleagues and here go the short version of it. I am not distinguishing persons by their nationality; rather it’s just for having a conception about what different people from different countries in Europe things about it.

Greek friend in Project: Colour of Textile, dresses, Elephant, Population, Religion
Greek friend in our team: Cow, Rail Network
Polish manager of project: IT, Kamasutra, Big population, Mahatma Gandhi and Kashmir – Conflicts with Pakistan, Cast and religion, poverty
One colleague told about Bollywood Movies and Gandhi family in addition

So there are some common things like domestic and wild animals. They think we all have lot of siblings and the tradition of having many children is still going in India. Sometime they ask about the security and whether of India, but its so big that I can not summarise in any particular topics. When they know that we have more than 50 languages in 29 States they feel lost. Sometime surprise to know that English is official language of India and Arrange Marriage still the major method of marriage in India.

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