Monday, July 09, 2007

Nominations for Seven Natural Wonders

Please nominate some Indian treasures for new seven natural wonders . My nominations are Sundarbans and Himalayas.
One can very well ask why so, these are wonderful creatures but not that special to be listed in 7 wonders. My answer is why NOT. I have not seen such unique natural creation like these two in my lifetime, one is typical mangrove forest(largest in world) with wonder creature of nature - The Royal Bengal Tiger and another the best among mountains, highest pick of the World, lovely natural beauty with green valleys.
I have to find some pics of these trip and soon modify this post.


indicaspecies said...

Sunderbans or Himalayas - whether or not they are considered by the Swiss non-profit group as New Wonders of the world, in my opinion, they will always be very special wonders of the world, and I am sure there are many here who will agree with me. Pijush, India has quite a few wonders - it's incredible India indeed!

Pijush said...

Yes I do feel so, but now if we do not nominate something in time, nothing from India will be enlisted in top21.

ryanair baggage allowance said...

The Himalayas indeed is a natural wonder of the world, and in my opinion, it should be included in the Seven Natural Wonders. The Everest alone is enough for it to be in the list.

Pijush said...

@RBA, welcome in my blog, I do feel same for the Sundarbans also. The unexplored beauty of this natural forest is awesome.
I have seen your blog and bit confused, what kind of blog is this.