Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weekend Photo Upload: Videos of Paros & Naxos

Naxos Island

Paros Island


Cuckoo said...

Don't you think you making us envy ?

How long are you going to stay there in Greece ?

Pijush said...

@Cuckoo, Hmm.. its part of our job. I am here another two and half months. Pujake pahele ghar jana hay.

Anonymous said...

Honestly although I viewed only the first video, which is very good, I guess the second one will also be very interesting...Nice one!

Anonymous said...

yeah im envy too :)
this series of video is fantastic!!
thanks pijush-chan for sharing!

Pijush said...

@Niki-chan, Thanks very much for your comment, Come here to see Greece :-)

Amrita said...

greece has always been special to me, now I know why. Feel like joining a monastry over there, so I can live there