Friday, September 28, 2007

Recalling Santorini – Part 1 (views from the Hotel)

As my assignment in Greece is almost in an end, I have had a nice time here and it’s the time to pick my favourite 3 places in Greece which I would like to visit again and again.

One of the obvious choices is Santorini, a wonderful island with stunning geomorphology, nice beaches, typical Greek churches and the dormant volcano.

View of the Volcano from the Hotel

Here I posted about the journey in Sea. In this post I wrote

"I was also skeptical like others about what makes it special. A Volcano? So
what!!But once I have seen it first time; it indeed appears marvelous. The whole
island (called Thira) is situated in an extinct volcano and a dormant volcano
(called Santorin) is nearby. The unique geomorphology, sedimentations of rocks
and picturesque landscape in the Aegean Sea made if completely different from
other islands of Mediterranean."

It was very refreshing journey in the boat and then enjoyed the captivating beauty of the island.

Our room in the Hotel

I have already posted this one with some details of that hotel and some of the views of the cliff. It was one of the good hotels from the position point of view, facing the breath taking landscape. We had a nice time there.

View of the cliff from the hotel (Above) and from the Ship (below)

Have a nice weekend
(Click on the pics for bigger view)


Rowdy said...

Stunning blues

GMG said...

Great pictures from one of my favourite islands! Posted some pictures of Santorini here.
Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog. I just left Bali and I’m posting on Singapore at Blogtrotter.
Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

WoW...some very beautifully captured & composed shots & nice reading your description...Awesome shots!

Amrita said...

I know how you 'll miss Greece, a land beauty, breath-taking vistas and ancient culture.

Thanks for taking us into a Grecian journey thru photos. Continue this blog as a travel photo blog.

Pijush said...

@Rowdy, Thank You.

@Gil, I checked your post and its really stunning. Greece will always be in my heart. Thanks for sharing and for the comment.

@Kalyan, I am glad with your comment as always. Take care.

@Amrita, Thanks for your encouraging words, I will keep this blog and I will miss this country, my weekend long drives, the culture, landscape and weather.

Cuckoo said...

Very beautiful pictures though I always think that you play with colours since I have never seen such bright skies.
I liked the first & last pictures the most.

So, ready to be back to India ? Where would you be posted in India?

Cuckoo said...

Sometimes your blog gives problem in commenting. Do you have any idea why?

Last time I came but couldn't comment. Some blogger issue I guess ?

Anonymous said...

very good and fun to read!!
one reason i really like ur blog is that we dont need to see ur wife smiling in every post :D

Pijush said...


Thanks very much for the comment.

“though I always think that you play with colours since I have never seen such bright skies” - I think the color of the sky is even more blue sometime as I can see now from my window, it’s incredibly blue. You can check Puja’s blog for example. The color also sometime depends on the aperture.

I am coming on 17th Oct, on the day of Durga Puja and will be in Kolkata. Kolkata is my base location and will be there at least a year or so.

“Sometimes your blog gives problem in commenting”. - It may be because of two reasons. First one is common blogger issue where I also have to try several times closing the window and reopen it. Second one may it was a coincidence you tried when I was modifying both the templates of my blogs.


“one reason i really like ur blog is that we dont need to see ur wife smiling in every post” - I do not get you exactly. You mean to say my wife is not in every post and you like general landscape and place specific photos :-)

Thank you soooo much for the comment.

Sigma said...

I must say that the views of the cliff both from the hotel, and the ship, are amazing. In fact the one from hotel was simply breathtaking. you got yourself a wonderful room!

Anonymous said...

yeah i dont like happy family photos with compliments on their spouse/kids. ugh!

Lourine said...

Great work.