Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Small Boat Ride in Nafplio

Nafplio - Sea view
I have been to Nafplio, an old city of Greece few months back. It was a wonderful experience and I posted some pictures of the place in this post. That time I was not well connected to blogosphere, so many of you may not have seen my previous post on Nafplio.

The view of the Harbour

I enjoyed the place. Nafplio is very different. It was the first Capital of Modern Greece. I was captivated by the nice old architectures of houses, Castle up above the mountain and hypnotizing sea landscape. Thus I thought to share some of the pictures I had taken in a small boat trip to Bourtzi (The castle of Bourtzi is located in the middle of the harbour of Nafplio) .

On the way to Castle
The boat ride was quite adventurous. It was a small private boat, something like the boats in Indian rivers but machine driven (otherwise it would have sunk in the sea). The waves in the sea made it more interesting. The boat was swaying in the sea dangerously, as if it can topple anytime. My friend was scared and tightly held my hands. We were wet. But I was enjoying it thinking its just a ride and if anything happens I had nothing to do. Both of us do not know swimming. Thanks to the boatmen(see images) we finished our journey to Bourtzi Castle safely.

Bourtzi Castle
(Click on the pics for bigger view)


Ananda Niyogi said...

Very nice shots...almost perfect...

You can think about investing in a polarizing filter & also a lens hood. These are relatively inexpensive and will give these sort of pictures a whole new dimension.

GMG said...

Great post! Pictures are beautiful, even without filter & lens, and the text makes us live your adventure. Loved it!
Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter.

Rowdy said...

Brilliant just brilliant.

Amrita said...

This place looks so peaceful Piyush and i am feeling so down, wish i could come over for some peace and rest.

Cuckoo said...

All the 4 pictures are differently beautiful in their own ways.

My favourite being of the castle with purple sky.

A query-How far was the castle from the shore ?

And in the prev. post, it was a nice trick to use sunglasses. :-)

Anonymous said...

I think all the shots has been fabulous & nice knowing you reached the shore safely...wonderfully captured & composed shots!

Pijush said...


Thanks very much. I know its hard to impress you and I am happy to get such a comment. I need some more time to buy additional filters and lenses.


I am glad you liked the post and pics. Thanks for your comment.


Thanks very much.


It is very peaceful indeed. I love Greece, but my project is almost over and eagerly waiting to go back to my home town kolkata. Thank You.


Many Thanks for liking these pics, Yes the castle was wonderful. I don’t know the exact distance but Bourtzi castle should not be more than few hundred meters from the harbor. Take care mate.


Thanks again, the main challenge was handling the DSLR in the swaying boat.

All of you, Have a nice weekend. Njoy.

Anonymous said...

awww u dont know swimming?
u'd better practice it if u gonna travel around :)
the photos are perfect indeed!
i love that castle and pineapple shaped tree!!
so very interesting..

backpakker said...

Loved the pictures ...the second and the last one . the castle looks very dreamy ...It must have been ad adventure to get there - but whats life without some excitement :)

Pijush said...


I tried to swim in Mediterranean, but I am so heavy (more than 80 now) and finding it difficult to swim. Thanks always for your lovely comment.


whats life without some excitement :) I truly agree with you, in fact life is boring without adventures. But my little wife is scared always, she founds ghosts here and there. Don’t like real life adventures but enjoys the scary phantom movies :-)
Take care.

anits said...

hi..very nice photos..its very beautiful and nice view! keep up the good work!

Amrita said...

Chake De India!

Yes we are happy Prashant won.the NE has been exalted.Did you see the show?My mataji watched the entire show more than 3 hours.I slept off, and then woke up and saw the latter half. Good fun.

Pijush said...


Thanks very much for your complement. Take care.


I have just written my chakde post on Random thoughts blog, it’s a special moment for us.

Waow.. Mataji watch the whole show. Give my namaste to her. Do you watch Saregamapa as well?

Sigma said...

Lovely pics. The color of the sky in Greece is such a beautiful blue!

Anonymous said...

wooow ur weight is almost double lol
im 40 something. so envy!