Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sunion from Athens

Today we went to Sunion from Athens. The drive was though the hilly area of Greece was excellent. One way it was Mediterranean Sea and the rocky Hill in the other side. We are amazed and loved it.

It was truly wonderful drive - probably the best one I have ever had; through a road by the costal area of Attica from Athens to Sunion. This is my first drive in hill and wasn’t that easy. However, I must say that the Greek road infrastructures are quite good, compared to India. The roads are jig jag, up down. But it was enchanting for the combination of different gray colour of rocks and hills and the other way the red and blue combination of setting sun in Mediterranean. The green valleys and modern-old houses was enriching the sceneries.

Greek is famous for its islands. It has 207 main islands in Mediterranean Sea, which makes an amazing contrast of Sea and Hill next to next. The shades of different hills in sea create charming landscape. The enchanting natural beauty hypnotizes tourists like us and gives extreme pleasure to be associated with nature.

Some information from Wikipedia: The cape of Sounion or Sounio, in Latin known as Sunium (in ancient Greek Σούνιον) is located 65 kilometres south-east of Athens, in Attica. Cape Sounion is especially famous for the ruins of two temples which overlook the sea, one dedicated to Athena, the other to Poseidon.
Ruins of the temple of Poseidon, constructed in the 5th century BC over the ruins of a temple constructed in the Archaic Period, are perched above the sea at a height of almost 60 metres.

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