Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sculpture in Greece

Some observations

1. In first picture, there is deep imprints of clothing (wearing sheets or other kind of dresses), in the standing sculpture. That means the sculpture used to be dressed with typical Greek wearing. During the course of time it has been embedded in the sculpture.
2. Religion and War, God and Kings played an important role in the subjects of these sculptures. For example, Jeus and Alexander.
3. In third picture, we can see the sculpture was not made in a single stone, rather part by part, tied with special instruments. The hand of the sculpture has been disintegrated somehow.
4. The nose and head of these sculptures are broken probably due to the Turkish invasion. These has been the trends of different aggressive community in past in many different countries.

I am not sure of that fact of weather these are correct, but these are merely my own observations after witnessing some museums in Acropolis, like Ancient Agora.

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