Sunday, March 04, 2007

Delphi - The Center of Earth

We went to Delphi today (3rd March '07 Saturday). It was really a fascinating journey in the hilly lap of Greece. I have driven 350km in a day, through the mountains and hills, fields and highways. The changing natural beauties bewildered us. It was a sunny day and the nature was at its best in Greek spring. The ancient archaeological site was looking majestic amidst the valley of mount Parnassus.
Here goes some Information Source :

Delphi (Greek Δελφοί — Delphee) is an archaeological site and a modern town in Greece on the south-western spur of Mount Parnassus in a valley of Phocis. In ancient times it was the site of the most important oracle, dating into prehistoric times as a site for the worship of Gaia and in classical times, converted to that of the god Apollo.
Delphi was revered throughout the Greek world as the site of the omphalos (ομφαλός) stone, the centre of Earth and the universe.

Archaeological Site of Delphi (The Temple of Apollo: First Picture)UNESCO World Heritage Site
In second picture, the Treasury of Athens, built to commemorate their victory at the Battle of Marathon
The amphitheatre at Delphi is also beautiful and interesting to watch. The Museum is also worth watching.

Temple of Apollo at Delphi : The ruins of the Temple of Apollo visible today date from the 4th century BCE are of a peripteral doric building.

We have seen The Tholos at the sanctuary of Athena Pronaia (three pillers) from quite a long distance as it was already late in the evening.

The journey to Delphi from Athens was really enchanting. We have passed through two cities, Thiva and Arachova.
Thebes (in Demotic Greek: Θήβα — Thíva, Katharevousa: Θῆβαι — Thēbai or Thívai) is a city in Greece, situated to the north of the Cithaeron range.
Arachova Arachova (Greek: Αράχωβα) is a town, and a municipality of which this town is the seat, located in the western part of the prefecture of Viotia.

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