Tuesday, April 03, 2007


1st of April is famous for April fool in India. We used to make our friends fool in school days.
Now in Greece the nature has made us fool this year. We were heading to Ramanus through Varnavas, after having a drive of 20 mins in E75 from Athens. Finally we reached in a small hilly village called Grammatiko. Here is a small reference from wikipedia.
Grammatiko (Greek: Γραμματικό), other forms: Gramatiko, Grammatikon or Gramatikon is a Greek village in east Attica, approximately 40 km (25 miles) northeast of Athens, and north of Marathon .
From there we again tried to go to Ramanus, one of the Acropological sites; but felt miserably. I am not a expert driver who can drive easily in hilly areas. It was tough for me as I can not see what next in the small picks of each bent of the small tiny roads. It was a risky and tough drive, specially when we entered some dangerous routs mistakenly. Eventually, due to lack of direction we end up in a rocky road in the hill. My co-passengers, specially ladies started screaming and I don't have any choice but to leave the place and started new journey to Halkida.

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