Thursday, April 26, 2007

Santorini - The Volcanic Island in Greece

Santorini : A nice Island in Greece, The post is done in the Islands of Greece Section , link is here.

Some Videos (I have uploaded in YouTube)

Approaching Santorini

Red Beach

The Volcano

The Port

Definitely this is the best Island I have ever seen (yet) in my lifetime.


Sigma said...

I thought I left some comments on your blog earlier, but dont see them now ... not sure whether it is my memory or blogger that is acting up :-)

Nice photos, as always.
The general awareness about Europe is quite less here (As compared to US perhaps) .. and then still less about places like Greece. So it is nice to read about it on your blog.

Santorini - this one struck a chord, as quite some time back, I read a novel titled 'Santorini, by Alistair Mclean, which I immensely liked (as I do with most of his novels :-))

I am linking your blog on my travelogue :-))

Pijush said...

I am delighted Sigma, Thank You.
I have also added your Travel Blog in my one.
Santorini is Awesome, I liked it and have taken almost 1000 pics :-)

I will post some of them in my blog, Keep coming.

Sigma said...

My intention for adding you was not expecting a return favor. :-) But many thanks for linking me. :-))