Friday, June 08, 2007

Weekend Photo Upload 3: Norway - Some pics of Myrdal

Myrdal : It is a small town in the Oslo-Bergen railway. This is one of the scenic places I have seen so far two years before in April 2005, while visiting Norway.

If I have to mention five things about this place, I will write the following.

1)This is the highest mountainous station I have ever gone in any train. I wonder how the station is built in such a high altitude. Its one of the major station of the Bergen Railway from Oslo to Bergen which is recognized to be one of the 20 best railway experiences in the World.

2)This is a remote mountain station in Norway often shrouded in mysterious fog or molded with ice. When I was there, the platform was covered by ice sheet and the nearby houses were covered by thick layers of ice. I felt as if I am in North Pole.

3)Flamsbana – The Flåm railway, which starts here, is the most thrilling railway line in Scandinavia with its 20-kilomtre long track and an altitude difference of 865 meters. This is considered to be the highest gradient railway in the world.

4)Myrdal is famous for skiing and there is a beautiful water false nearby. I was able to capture one skier in my camera.

5)The breath taking landscape attracts many tourists, specially in spring. I have not entered the town, but taken all the snaps from the platform, which I have put up. (The night shot if of Bergen – and some places are between Bergen and Myrdal)

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Kalyan said...

The shots remind me of similar scenes in & around Tawang in AP. I can say in both the collages, 'ALL' the shots has been exceptional. Perfectly Captured, Composed & Framed. It is very difficult for me to single out one best shot here, b'cos there are quite a few here. Keep up your good work.

And what is the altitude of the railway station. The Ghoom station in Darjeeling is at 7000 feet, so is it comparable to that?

Stay well!

Pijush said...

@Kalyan, I am delighted by your warm comment. That time I didn't have any digital camera. So I borrowed a newly bought Olympus camera of my Team Lead. I was very exited and taken almost 500 pics(apart from still camera) in that trip.
For your information "at a height of 1.222 m Finse is the highest station close to Myrdal and Myrdal station is at 866 meters, which is far less than Ghum which is 2133 meters high (probably the highest station in Earth, pls confirm).

Take care!

Mridula said...

Seems to be a very interesting place! Lovely pictures. And how do you find walking on ice or snow? I find it quite difficult.

Pijush said...

@Mridula, Norway is very nice. Yes it was tough to walk in the ice, but since most of the time we were in the train, it didnt bother us much.

Kalyan said...

I was google searching on this & found out, the highest railway stations altitude was of Condor Railway station at 4786 metres in Bolivia, but China surpassed it in 2005 by constructing the highest station at an altitude of 5072 metres(Tanggula Mountain railway station) in Tibet.

Pijush said...

@Kalyan, Thanks for the info, I read in text book about Ghum, but I guess these stations constructed recently.

Sigma said...

All the photographs in these collages are awesome. As you say, the place is breath-taking in its beauty. I am sure you must have enjoyed your trip greatly.
Btw, do you mind telling me how did you create these collages ... my knowledge of photo-editing tools is rather limited :-)

Pijush said...

@Sigma, I consider Norway trip as one of the best I have ever had, really awesome.
I have done the collage by Picasa (free google software). Select some photos and do collage in picture grid mode, very simple.

Cuckoo said...

Nice pictures Pijush. I wish I could visit the place. :(