Saturday, June 02, 2007

Weekend Photo Upload 2 - Sea and Sky of Greece

Some of my Blog readers have asked many times, how blue is the Sky and Sea of Greece? Is it so BLUE because I play with colours ? I guess now they can find the answers in this post. All the pictures are uploaded, as these have been captured.
I am just back from a short wellness tour from my project (The details I will write in Random Thoughts). The whole client and project team went to a Sea Beach just after Glyfada on the way to Sunion, not that far from Athens. It was really an enjoyable day and First time I took a bath in Mediterranean, never taken before because I don’t know swimming.
The photos are taken in small aperture because of two reasons, to make the DOF larger, so that the landscape comes prominent, and it was a sunny day, so no need for high aperture. If I have used high aperture, the picture would be more glowing and brighter, the color of sky and sea would be different.
Have a nice weekend and will keep posting after a short trip to Sunion.


Sigma said...

Nice photos!
And thanks for the info!!

Kalyan said...

Some beautifully captured shots especially the second one is really wonderful!

Pijush said...

@Sigma, Yes I enjoyed a lot, Thank You.
@Kalyan, Thanks for rating these pictures.