Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Skayen - Denmark; A Journey to remember

One can have many problems while traveling, starting from health problem, robbery to inadvertently violating rules (I was going through Cuckoo’s blog , and found an interesting story about her inadvertent stupidity). Health hazards are not new to me, happened many time while traveling in India, but fortunately not here in Europe. But once we experienced a scary incidence, while going to Skayen, from Arhus in Denmark.One new guy (A Sardar without turban) came from US in our project and was approached me to join a trip to Skayen. It was a typical Sardar, an over-smart underdog resource, behaves as if born and brought up in US. The reason for that is he has green card. But he has a nice charming personality and can easily mix with unknown people.

From the very first he started driving rashly, not caring anybody(we were 4 in the car) and scaring me, as I am a typical bong and used to get frightened easily. Yes, I am little more conservative and hardly take any additional risks. So he took the opportunity to create a heroic impression (don’t take it otherwise, that guy was married and had a child) but that never means we have to drive in 160 kph. I asked him to slow down, but he was not bothered about anything and pressed the accelerator to its maximum, almost reaching towards 200. We didn’t know the speed limit.

All of a sudden we hear police sirens and were not sure it’s for us. But one of the police cars asked us to stop. What have we done? I was puzzled, bit scared, and thought of all possible scenarios except the real one. The police told the max limit was 130kph, which we violated by far (Later we came to know that the speed limits can be tracked by the hidden cameras in highway) and he asked the CPR card (Residence Card) to fine directly in the official bank account. But that guy was in business visa and didn’t have CPR number; so I had to give my card. The policeman was already going to fine me 5000DKK, which is equivalent of almost 40,000/- (INR). It would have been a heavy fine for me if not they grace us.

We escaped luckily, and I thanked God (That time I used to believe in God); but the sardar was cool like a cucumber, casually teasing as usual, Dor gaya kaya!! Dekho dekho Dor gaya!!, as if he was successful in his intentions. Later I handled this psycho differently not reacting to his every rubbish words. I do not have anything against Punjabis, but that guy was exceptional, has pissed off everyone in the project, specially the south Indians. I like Sardars in general, but somehow could not manage with this guy.
Finally we visited the Kanyakumarika of Denmark, Skayen. This is the North most point of Denmark, in North Sea. [According to Wikipedia, Skagen takes its name from the region, which projects into the waters between the North Sea and the straits of Denmark. Skagen is considered the boundary between the Skagerrak (named after Skagen) and the Kattegat. At its very tip is a sandy, shifting headland known as Grenen.]

The landscape of this place was stunning and magnificent; specially the cost is very different from the conventional beaches. The light house is something worth to watch. The smooth serene breeze and amazing beauty helped us to forget the unfortunate incident quickly.


Cuckoo said...

Hmmm.. A good read. Pictures look awesome.

Hmmm... regarding different people from different parts of our country... well, we all have something or the other to say about them.. -ve or +ve whatever. But the thing is .. it should not hinder our day to day work or long term sights.
And now you don't believe in God?

Sorry, I have been extremely busy these days... just not been able to visit any blog. It is going to be the same for next 2 weeks I guess. :(

Pijush said...

Thanks for the comment. Yes, after a long time. Hope you will manage to complete your job soon.
You are right about the different people and their point of views. It takes time, but as we work in international projects, we gradually form a broader mindset, which helps us to work as a team together. However there are always some exceptions.

Regarding GOD, It’s a big story. I was trying to explain some of it in
This Blog .

Kalyan said...

Two beautifully captured & composed shots especially the first one is awesome and it was really interesting and wonderful reading about your incident and it was really lucky, you escaped such a heavy fine.
And for 'That time I used to believe in God'...any specific reason for change Now???

Pijush said...

Thanks Kalyan, yes I feel that I was lucky. One of my colleagues had ended up paying the huge fine for same reason.

Well, there is no specific reason for not believing in God, some circumstances and evidences have changes my mind. If you have time can read the bolg mentioned above (in my first reply to Cuckoo’s comment).

Mridula said...

The Sardarji must have had some guts to land all of you in trouble in a different country!

Pijush said...

@Mridula, You are right, the week next, he lost all his money in a strip bar.

Sigma said...

The guy seemed to be really out of his mind ... landing everyone in trouble in a foreign land [did he forget he was not in India, he couldn't get away with bribing the police ? ;-)]
But true, such people, with an exaggerated sense of their smartness, are a real pain to work with :-P

Very beautiful photographs! The coast is just lovely!

Pijush said...

@Sigma, You are right, I havent seen such a crazy guy, who cares about electing Bush, but not about Indians in the project.
Well, the project management had thrown him out after 2 weeks.