Friday, May 11, 2007

Couple of Statues

While going through some past travel photos I came across some good statues of different European cities. Thus decided to share couple of them in this blog. First one taken in Stockholm & second one was in Berlin; don't dare to click on the first one :-) Its dangerous.

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Cuckoo said...

Good ones !!

Even I have collected some pictures like that. Will post sometime. Now is the time for writing. :)

Pankaj Lal Gupta said...

I am fan of all your photos :)

Sigma said...

Very interesting!

Kalyan said...

Nice statues...very well captured & composed shots!

Pijush said...

@Cuckoo, Thanks for the comment; Please check my Santorini Posts as I have written so much in these posts recently. Since fortunately / unfortunately I have separate links for different places, I think it’s better to keep a list of recent posts. So in right top, I have customized it :-)

@ Pankaj, Many thanks for your overwhelming comment.

@ Sigma, Thanks for the comment ; may be you have not expected, but now definitely expecting some more travel posts in your one.

@ Kalyan, Thank you very much. You have nice blogs. But I am not sure which one is regularly maintained for Travel :-)

Cuckoo said...

Heyy where is your post "Two more sculptures" gone ?

And I saw the links.

@Kalyan: Yes, I agree with you for Kalyan. I do not know which one is his main blog. I've asked him the same. Ha Ha.. and I don't know which one to visit to see the reply. :P

Pijush said...

@Cuckoo, Here it goes. I took sometime to publish for describing them.
But I am really qurious about how did you find it? Do you have some alert from my blogpost.

Cuckoo said...

Yes, I have subscribed to your blogs. :)