Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Picasa Edit of Photos

This is the picture taken next to the earlier one, from closed window of my car, on the way to Delphi from Athens. Since it was from the car, the brightness is not very good. However, I think the Sun makes the basic difference of any picture. The picture in cloudy weather can be made better by filling light through Picasa, but the brightness can not be enhanced.

Coming back to the picture, I have edited this one in 3 Steps. First one is Normal (Original), Second one is Auto adjustment by the software (I am feeling lucky), and finally achieved the third one after little Saturations of colours . These are very basic edit I do. There are many special effects that can give complete different look to a picture.

Many of my friends like editing pictures, but some of them do not like it, because it distorts the originality. Well, I have some counter logic like why we paint house, decorate wedding hall, do make up before going out, put spices in cooking etc. Its mainly because we want better look and different taste. This is again relative choice, varies person to person. So, I appreciate the logic of the people who want to keep the pics as it is, but like to edit my pics to enrich them.

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Kalyan said...

The composition of the third shot is good, just for the fact, the blue tinge in the mountain can be reduced just a 'bit' & I have averaged the rating of all the three pics... Well captured shot!

Pijush said...

@Kalyan, Thank you for the comment and rating.
I agree that the mountains are bit blue but I wanted to achieve maximum contrast between brown, green and blue. Saturation feature has a problem with blue :-)
Well, next time I will take care of your feedback.

Mridula said...

Now I understand my choice of minimal editing better. You see I do not use makeup too :)

Pijush said...

@Mridula, Same here, but I am a boy, so it is obvious :-)

david mcmahon said...

Hi Pijush,

John Travolta was right - Greece is the word!


Pijush said...


Hi David,

Welcome in my Travel Blog. Thanks you for visiting it.

yes, I agree, Greece is quite impressive.


YesBut said...

I like the final photo with the adjusted saturation.
People say “it isn’t natural” I ask “what is natural?”
Are the colours you see exactly the same as those that I do?
As far as I’m concerned you are justified in adjusting colours, hues and saturation, in order to give your picture the “feel” it should have.
Pijush I like your blogs.


Pijush said...


Welcome to my blog, Thank you for visiting and liking it. Please come again and put your comments.
You have put up excellent explanations, something like the relativity concept. I do agree with this. I have to visit your blog regularly to know for different tips and tricks of blogging :-)