Monday, May 21, 2007

Cultivation and Nature in Greece

I have thought many times about rating pictures, as David explained in his blog. In the current blogging system the visitors can only provide comments; but most of the viewers do not like to post any comment. In addition, it’s hard to make out precise ratings of the pictures from the comments.
It’s really nice that came up with such a nice solution of this demand. Now the individual rating is possible and it calculates the cumulative average of all ratings. Thanks David for introducing me with this one.

So I am uploading one picture from Greece - to be rated by you :-)
This one is taken from the moving car on the way to Delphi from Athens.


Cuckoo said...

Again same question .. Why do you play with colours ? Yes yes, you'll say you like it. Right ?

My all pictures are always as they are clicked.

The picture as it is beautiful specially the red sand.. just awesome but to be frank I didn't like the blue coloured mountain. Too much of blue it has.

I am not rating it.

Pijush said...

@Cuckoo, Thanks for your comment and coming here. But bit disappointed as you did not rate it. Let me describe my logic, but I very much appreciate your theory.

Well, I had a discussion with one of my close friends today regarding the same topic. He did not like my pics either because I play with colour. Well, I can assure most of the eminent photographers play with either colour or camera. Now one can argue very well that playing will camera is ok as camera is for capturing the moments in a nicer way, that’s the technique, which is called the art of photography. But playing in photoshop or picasa is representing artificial image of a true picture.
But when I was coming back from Santorini, came across with a professional photographer, who was using Polaroid lenses to make the sky deep blue. Well if I can make it by Graduated tint, the resultant is same. The balanced edit and colour combination can make a picture better.
It is something like the Continental and Indian cuisine. The European’s always complain that spices kill the taste of vegetables and meats; while the Indians argue that it never kills rather enriches the taste. So, its more depends on the creator and viewer, what he/she will like. I appreciate both concepts, follow the Indian one :-)

I will post one original and one edited one in next post. You can compare it very easily :-)
Please keep commenting with constructive criticisms, which helps me to know different viewpoints.

Sigma said...

Nice pic. And good explanatio (to Cucloo's comment). I am not biased in favour of or against manipulating pictures with s/w, but I think that the colors are a little too strong in this pic.

Pijush said...

@ Sigma, Thanks for the feedback, see my next post :-)

Kalyan said...

I believe its upto the photographer how he wants to present the picture to the viewer so editing is a bit essential here since the captured moments are not always better and again the same picture can speak in different ways if it is edited or modified differently. I can give a link of a pic of Tajmahal captured & edited by me, which produced a kind of dream like effect quite different from the usual ones we see Hope you don't mind providing the link.

Anyway as for the shot, well captured & composed, but I think the blue tinge in the mountain, if reduced a bit, can be more interesting.

Pijush said...

@Kalyan, Thanks Kalyan, well said. The Taj-Mahal is really nice and you can always leave link here :-)

Mridula said...

I liked the picture very much. And as for editing, I too believe in minimal editing. What I feel is that somethimes the real thing disappoints when I have seen brilliantly edited pictures which do not resemble the reality.

Pijush said...

@Mridula, Thank You for liking it, I agree with your point :-)