Friday, May 25, 2007

Weekend Photo Upload 1 - Olympic Stadium Athens

Olympic Stadium (Athens) - Hosted 2004 Olympic games

This was one of the happening weeks in Athens. Athens Olympic Stadium (Spiridon "Spiros" Louis Stadium) hosted Champions League Final yesterday between AC Milan and Liverpool. 45000 Brits and Italians came to jam the show, and it was a chaos everywhere, including Syntagma Square, with wild fans and their orchestra.

Unfortunately I could not manage to see the final game in this stadium, though its very near to my office, mainly because of unavailability of tickets. but have been to this stadium many times and taken few snaps.

Day before the match the tickets are sold in black market in 4500Euro (police arrested one guy who was selling), and just before the match it was 9000 euro; 30 times of the original price (original one was 300 euro - has been distributed few months back by lottery in Athens, Milan and Liverpool).

Nothing to say about the match, I watched the game in televation. Kaka was impressive as usual, Gerrald in first half and Injaghi is the man who helped Milan to clinch the trophy of most prestigious club cup.
I Have taken the following pic from Ovelikios Athens Daily Photo . See his pic post for the Champion's League final match. Thanks Ovelikios.

Again my shot of the Stadium in a sunny day. This picture is taken my a normal camera, though looking very nice because of the white blue and green contrast. Rate this one.

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The Salems said...

the dream stadium

Mridula said...

Lovely stadium and nice pictures. Syntagama square has a familiar ring to me and so has Omonia square!

Kalyan said...

These are some wonderfully captured & composed shots & a bit unlucky, you can't catch the match live there. About the black-marketing of the tickets, it reminds me of similar scenes near Eden Gardens before any international cricket match. I also managed to catch only the highlights of the match next day, which was a quite impressive match.

Pijush said...

@The Salems,
Welcome to my blog, please keep coming.

Waoww, you can still remember these squares. These are most lively and fantastic places in Athens. Thanks for the comment. You can rate these pics by clicking the buttons, the rightmost being the highest.

Thanks for your comment. Yes I felt unlucky as I am a big soccer/cricket fan. I managed to see many games in Eden if I am in India, even buying tickets in 2000/- ; but here it is bit expensive as it costs around 5,00,000/- INR in black :-(